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Business Assist Accountants Locum Accountants has been helping locum professionals reach their full potential for over 30 years. Unlike large domestic accounting firms, Business Assisted Accountants can provide bespoke services to local professionals. We understand our clients’ unique needs and work with them to ensure that their businesses run effectively. With Business Assist Accountants, it’s more than just numbers on a spreadsheet. Your Locum business is overseen and nurtured by financial professionals who truly care about your success.

Working as a surrogate can often earn more than a full-time job. But it also means signing contracts, traveling, taking on more financial responsibility and, most importantly, being flexible. It’s easy to understand why you need expert help to optimize your payments. Our local accounting services can start from less than £1.00 per day for a Sole Proprietor and less than £1.70 per day for a Limited Company.

Business Assist Accountants also give you the option to use one of our approved cloud accounting software. So, with the click of a button or the tap of your smartphone, you can update your accounting team and get an overview of your company’s finances. We are a proactive company and our goal is to help our customers run their local businesses as simply, easily and effectively as possible.

Business Assist Accountants‘ local accounting team has experience creating accounts for many local professionals. Our office specializes in accounting services for general practitioners and pharmacists. For more information on specific services for doctors and pharmacists.

For all other temporary work, please complete the contact form below. We will advise you free of charge and without obligation.

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Services For Locum Professionals

  • Locum Doctor Accounting Services
    • Our onsite team of accountants will take care of all your bookkeeping needs. We understand that being a local doctor is a time-consuming profession. That’s why we aim to provide a level of service that takes all the stress out of the financial side of running your own Locum business.
  • Locum Pharmacist Accounting Services
    • Whether you’re a full-time pharmacist looking to transition to a stand-in, or an experienced stand-in pharmacist, a BA accountant can provide all the accounting and tax services your business needs.
  • Cloud Accounting Services
    • From April 2019, all businesses exceeding the VAT threshold will be required to file their tax returns with HMRC using a digital cloud-based accounting solution. To keep our clients on the right track, we have selected the top 5 vendors and partnered with them to help our clients comply with his MTD (Making Tax Digital).
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance For Locums
    • Professional liability insurance is the most important type of insurance your business should have if you are a freelancer, contractor or agent. This type of insurance protects you from your claims.
  • Tax Enquiry Service
    • The tax audit is an HMRC audit on corporate tax. This is often not an easy process as HMRC’s research team may require paperwork and face-to-face meetings to discuss your corporate tax.

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